= Transforming the ADA Eligibility Process. =

ADA Eligibility Certification Technology

Empower your riders through self-service

Mobility Direct offers varying levels of support to help your agency achieve impartial ADA eligibility determinations and compliance–with or without the cost of an in-person team. Dependent on your needs, the platform also offers varying levels of conditional and unconditional certification. There is no other software on the market like Mobility Direct, which was designed specifically for ADA paratransit certification.

Mobility Direct enhances your ADA eligibility process

An Option for Every Transit Agency

Mobility Direct
If your organization already has a team to handle the eligibility process and only requires a system to streamline the process, you can purchase a tailored standalone software platform for automation purposes.
Mobility Direct
On Mobility Plus, we provide our experienced mobility management team to supervise the eligibility process from a remote location. Our remote assessors are skilled in overseeing the entire process, following established methodologies by National Transit Institute and Easter Seals Project ACTION.
Mobility Direct
The Mobility Pro program is the most extensive method that incorporates MTM Transit's foremost in-person model, empowered by our platform. Our team conducts face-to-face interviews and evaluations of an applicant's physical and cognitive abilities to comprehensively assess the impact of environmental, architectural, and personal obstacles on their safe and independent use of public transportation.
Transforming ADA elegibility process.

Our platform leverages MTM Transit's proprietary workflow to guide users through the primary steps of the eligibility process. From initial application intake, to making eligibility decisions and delivering notifications, to ensuring compliance with ADA requirements and reporting, our user-friendly platform creates an intuitive, automated eligibility process for transit agencies of all sizes.

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